1-Day Tutorial: Collaboration Tools for Testers and Teams

Tools and Techniques for Self-Organizing Teams

This workshop provides tools that both help identify who is involved in a decision and ease the decision making process.

So you joined a self-organizing team and everything was instantly perfect. Today, all decisions are quick, easy, and clear. The team openly deliberates and efficiently comes to full agreement. Everything is by consensus, everybody participates, and all of your decisions are above average.

Yeah, right.

It’s okay. You’re not alone. Most teams really struggle with decision making. They don’t have the right people involved, or there are too many people involved, or there are not enough people involved. Even when the exact right people are involved, teams don’t have processes for determining who is best to make each decision or how decisions will be made when there’s more than one decision maker.

Applying leading practices for learning new skills, you and your fellow attendees will use the tools of the workshop to help shape the workshop. Tapping into the power of divergent and convergent thinking, you’ll spend time working individually, in small groups, and all together.

You will participate in activities that show:
* How to visualize the work and clarify who will be the decision makers
* Ways to collaboratively generate options
* Ways to rapidly and clearly compare options
* Techniques to help establish a shared perspective
* Techniques to ensure all voices are heard
* Techniques to expedite decision making

Join us as we share ways to drastically improve the collaborative decision making process and achieve greater outcomes in less time! When you return to work, your team may still not be perfect, but you will have practical tools that help ensure your decisions can be above average.

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