Leonardo Souza Mattos


                        Souza Mattos

Leo has 25+ years of experience in software engineering, having circulated in all roles of the SDLC. During his tenure of 12+ years at JPMorgan Chase, when managing multiple local and remote teams, he found himself and the team deep on technical debt an inefficiencies even with the major effort from everyone. Tired of this and sure that there were other ways to work and have a better life, I started to experiment with some different ways to visualize the work, manage the backlog and agile ways of working. The agile & DevOps experiment became a passion. Powered by the outcomes obtained, he became a true believer and catalyst of flow management, feedback, automation and destroying silos. All there summed up with new management techniques to empower teams with autonomy and motivate through clear goals and generative culture, made the professional Leo is today. Currently, he works as Principal Consultant at Agile Delivery Operations CoE in SAP which he helps teams and the organization thro

Sessions Hosted by Leonardo Souza Mattos

30-min New Voice Talk

4:15 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. Grand Ballroom 5+6